April 20th, 2018 / By: Wausti

Firstplanet is a sub-label to the big italian label Media Records, known mostly for italodance fans for having Gigi D'Agostino signed on it - untill recent time...

The official description is:
"Firstplanet is the official gateway to the Media Records galaxy,...

April 24th, 2018
April 17th, 2018 / By: Wausti

In the past years it has been rare to see an official remix by Salvatore Gargiulo better known as DJ sTore, even though he has been insanely active producing. Instead he has released several self-released albums, that you could buy through one of his many SoundCloud profiles.

Lately, he has teamed...

April 14th, 2018
April 8th, 2018 / By: Wausti

"Dopo il Disco del Treno, arriva il Disco dell'Aereo" (After the song of the Train, comes the song of the Airplane). That is how the double Marco's announced their new song, and for the ones who doesn't understand that sentence, here is the reason why: Back in 2007 the two guys released a track under...

April 6th, 2018
April 8th, 2018 / By: Wausti

It's rather rare with releases on the italian label StepSal by Stefano Folegatti (aka. DJ Fole) and Salvatore De Rubis (aka. DJ Seleco), but now they have a new release out.

It's by DJ Fole who had another SlowStyle track released about half a year ago, called "Ethos".

We know that Stefano is very busy with various remixes...

April 6th, 2018
March 23rd, 2018 / By: Wausti

Gigi posted two more tracks on youtube yesterday, and today they are out in the stores! ...He has now released 11 tracks in total since the begining of March.


1. Ti Porto Via (Gigi D'Agostino Dark)

March 22nd, 2018
March 22nd, 2018 / By: Wausti

After a short break of one or two days, Gigi has released a few more tracks to the digital stores.

His routine seems to be uploading them on youtube first, and then they come the same day or day after in the digital stores.

The tracks he released are:

1. You're a Liar (Gigi D'agostino Dark)

March 21st, 2018
March 17th, 2018 / By: Würden

Gigi D'agostino's famous multi-platinum winning double album "L'amour Toujours" from 1999 is getting re-released on the German label ZYX as a 3 disc 12" vinyl release in celebration of Gigi's 50th birthday last year. This is the first ever Gigi D'agostino album to get a 3-disc 12" vinyl release. Gigi has had many vinyl releases in the...

March 16th, 2018
March 17th, 2018 / By: Würden

Bassdruck is ready with a new single titled Lento Downbeat Shuffle (Brain Strikes Again Mix) in a classic well-produced lento violento / slowstyle production.

Behind Bassdruck sits the Austrian programmer and hobby producer Roland Eigelsreiter who also goes under various aliases such as "Brain Foo Long", "DJ Brainnrg", "Glied van...

March 13th, 2018
March 17th, 2018 / By: Wausti

Yes, yes yes! ...it feels like the waiting for Christmas Day everyday at the moment. The anticipation of checking the stores each day to see if something new has popped down from the Gigi D'Agostino Planet! ...and the answer is YES! Two more releases has arrived! Ofcause under the artist name "...

March 15th, 2018
March 14th, 2018 / By: Wausti

Since yesterday, two more tracks by "Lento Violento" are now available in the digital stores!

First track is:

1. Modulo (Gigi D'Agostino Loop)

the second track is: 

1. Storiella (Gigi D'Agostino Piano Mix)

This track Gigi posted on his Lento...

March 13th, 2018