3 new EP's from Futurenoize

3 new EP's from Futurenoize

February 25th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The young Lento Violento label by Media Records has 3 new EP's ready after their compilations kicked it all off last year!

Two of the EP's should already have been released, but is nowhere to be found in the stores... guess it will show up soon. There has'nt been posted any tracklist either, just megamixes of the EP's on youtube.

>> UPDATED! NOW WITH TRACKLIST AND SHOPS << still miss the ep by Dr.Bass though.

For more info check: https://www.facebook.com/futurenoizeofficial/

First one out was DJ Niky - Kraftvoll EP / Lento Violento EP ...released on 15. February 2019:


1. Agricoltura Biologica (Livellando Il Terreno Mix)

2. Hard Bass (Hard Mix)

3. Vendemmia (Brindando Mix)

4. Kraftvoll / Lento Violento (Continuous Mix)


Next up is Dr. Bass - Musik Über Alles ...released on 21. February 2019:



last one is Andrea SD - Energetiko EP ...will be out on 28. February 2019:


1. Life Is a Bitch (Original Mix)

2. Singolarita (Grezzo Mix)

3. Underground (@?DK Extended Mix)

4. Energetiko (Continuous Mix)


Label:Futurenoize (Media Records EVO) (Italy)
Release date:February 15th, 2019

Buy it here: