Digital Bros - Kick & Bass

Digital Bros - Kick & Bass

March 17th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Ricardo Vecchio and Deejay Dav are two lento violento / slowstyle lovers from France, which joined forces and created the project Digital Bros many years ago, and is now out with their first official release.

The guys has worked together for many years, and even released an album as Digital Bros 12 years ago on Jamendo, which you can check out here:

For more info check out:



1. Gatto Matto

2. The Puma

3. Fortune

4. I Am Not The Dreamer 

5. Alert

6. End Of The World

7. To Be

8. Digital Love (Dub Mix)

9. Esperenza 1:40

Label:Team Uonz (France)
Release date:March 4th, 2019

Buy it here: