DJ Cillo feat. Erika Mein - Summer Rave (Remix Edition)

DJ Cillo feat. Erika Mein - Summer Rave (Remix Edition)

July 21st, 2020 / By: Wausti

Style Records has recently released their yearly "Italodance Summer Hits" compilation, and from that comes a couple of Remix Editions, including this one which is going out on what has gotten known as "New Music Friday" aka Friday!

It's the latest track by DJ Cillo together with the voice of Erika Mein, their 3rd track together, all released on the "Italodance Summer/Winter Hits" by Style Records.

Beside of the original Radio and Extended, it also contains Rave versions and 6 remixes!



1.  Summer Rave (Radio Edit)

2.  Summer Rave (Rave Edit)

3.  Summer Rave (Extended Mix)

4.  Summer Rave (DJ Cry Remix)

5.  Summer Rave (FranJ Remix)

6.  Summer Rave (Glaukor Remix)

7.  Summer Rave (Mark'M Remix)

8.  Summer Rave (Nik DJ Remix)

9.  Summer Rave (Michele Dipalo Remix)

10.  Summer Rave (Rave Mix)



Label:Style Records (Italy)
Release date:July 24th, 2020

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