DJ JPedroza feat. Lyn - Noite Estrelada

DJ JPedroza feat. Lyn - Noite Estrelada

September 23rd, 2012 / By: helington

Angelo Ciaravola has a new release ready on his label A.C. Digital Records. The new single is by the brazilian team DJ JPedroza together with Lyn. DJ JPedroza has been active in the italo community for some time, but this is his first official release.

1. Noite Estrelada (Original Electrocore Mix)
2. Noite Estrelada (R.A.G. DJ Remix)
3. Noite Estrelada (Bietto Remix)
4. Noite estrelada (MaderaDeejay Remix)
5. Noite estrelada (Luna Project Remix)
6. Noite Estrelada (Club Mix)


Label:A.C. Digital Records (Italy)
Release date:October 15th, 2012

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