Ma.Bra. - Tu Tatu Tatuta Ta (We Make It Bounce)

Ma.Bra. - Tu Tatu Tatuta Ta (We Make It Bounce)

July 23rd, 2018 / By: W├╝rden

Maurizio Braccagni or just Ma.Bra is back with a new single with one of the most non-sense titles ever!.

Ma.Bra. has been re-visiting the italo style after a long dry period, although he has consistently stayed in the high-tempo genres ever since parking his most famous alias DJ Lhasa. Under the aliases "Joyas" and "Stay Strange" Ma.Bra. recently released two tracks for free download at his soundcloud page, which he frequently update with new music and demos he is working on.

The new single is titled "Tu Tatu Tatuta Ta" and includes a short and a longer version.

  1. Tu Tatu Tatuta Ta (Ma.Bra. Edit Mix)
  2. Tu Tatu Tatuta Ta (Ma.Bra. Extended Mix)

Out now available for streaming on Apple Music or Spotify, or for digital download in the Apple iTunes store, Beatport etc.

Label:Ma.Bra. Records
Release date:July 13th, 2018

Buy it here: