Deejay Traxx Vol. 4

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April, 2006
Deejay Traxx Vol. 4

The new volume of the Deejay Traxx Compilation Series, released at the label Fluida Records, is ready. Tracks are this time selected by DJ Martinez and DJ Gio. Here is the tracklist and the cover:
[field=VA - Dejay Traxx Vol.4]

01.DJ MARTINEZ fet. LAIA - I wanna be free
02.ALTAR BOYS - Ordinary life
03.DJ TORNY feat DANIELE MEO - Sei la mia favola
04.JON DEEJAY feat. GILLES & ALESSIA - Shining star
05.DJ KAJIIN vs DJ CUAD - Live in me (DJGIO & DjMartinez mix)
06.XANDEX DJ vs AL-DEEJAY - All i have to give
07.LUCHETTA & DANTE - Viaggio al centro del mondo
08.THE PRODUXER feat. Stefano Scolaro - State of mind
09.M.I.M PROJECT - For love
10.DJ THUNDERSTORM feat. ELEKTRA FORWARD - Forever with us
11.SMALL TOWN BOYS - To be or not to be ([email protected] remix)
12.DEEP.SPIRIT - Your making me high (DJGIO vs C.Y.T. Mix)
13.ADDICTED CRAZE feat CIRCUS - Beautifull (TBM DJ Remix)[/field]

You can already order it at the recordstore Americandisco.



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July, 2006

Maybe U Laugh To Me But Track No.10 (DJ THUNDERSTORM feat. ELEKTRA FORWARD - Forever with us)

Selected By Me Smile

And By The Way On The Cover : Dj Morales Vs.Jonathan Varela !!!!! They Really Missed It!

This Is The Released CD Cover:


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