Kosmos Nautes - Back In Time

Kosmos Nautes - Back In Time

January 14th, 2018 / By: Wausti

A new italodance project has landed... The Kosmos Nautes are two international space boys travelling back in time to the begining of italodance music, and bringing it back to the future!

The name "Kosmos Nautes" is another therm for "Astronauts".

Their first release is about the moment when you listen a song and it takes back in time to a memory, that you thought you had forgotten long time ago.... but also the feeling you got when you heard a brand new song and was all electric, cause it was sooooo good, and you hope it will happen again.


1. Back In Time (Orginal Mix)



Label:Style Records (Italy)
Release date:January 18th, 2018