Daniele Cuccione aka D@ny85 was born in Messina, Italy on the 9th of February 1985.

He realized in a early age that he had a certain passion for music, in fact, when he was just 5 years old he received his first turntable on his birthday.

His passion continued, and he took more and more steps approaching musical production. and especially to remix.

He was contacted by Paolo Mantero, singer of "Batti Cuore," the author of "De Musica Tonante", creator of the project Camelot and owner of Armonica Records. Paolo offered Daniele to make a remix of Calvaruso feat. Gilles "Make You Love", released on CD and vinyl individuals throughout Italy and also in Korea and Spain.

In 2006 Daniele joins and cooperates with the italian label Discoplanet Records where he remixes 5 songs with great success among the public in both Italy and Spain: "Ti Sto Cercando", which was also included on the maxi single DJ Sanny J "Pensami Anche Tu" that sold more than 1000 copies the summer in 2006. The other remixes was of "Day", "Io Vivo Con Te", "The Girl" and "Solo Una Stella".

In the meantime he continued to work with the Small Town Boys with whom he had created a great bond of friendship, as well as a good working relationship. Together they entered into a collaboration with JayRecords, a label managed by Jacopo Galeazzi who is a known name in italian dance music, being the creator of the project Orchestral which received enormous success in world of m2o.

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