ItaloDance LIVE sets on Facebook!

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June, 2006
ItaloDance LIVE sets on Facebook!

If you still love the good old italodance, then you should check out the facebook sites of Alien Cut and Radio Dance Network.

Alien Cut is playing a couple a days every month live from their home studio, mixing all the classic italodance tracks - you can comment, request tracks to play and even send a voice grettings if you're into that, but else just pump up the volume, lean back or jump on the floor and enjoy the mix! 

Recently they have had Danijay and DJ Lhasa guest mixing with them!

Here is a list of their previous shows: 


Also the italian Radio Dance Network has recently been visited by the two guys (Danijay and DJ Lhasa) but that's more for live interviews of italodance artists.

Check it out: up is Yuri N-Joy this upcoming Saturday @ 15:00 CET!

so subscribe to them and you will get notified next time they go live on air for a italodance revival down memory lane!

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August, 2007

Yes I recommend watching these, it's really fun !
There's also "Dual Core" on m2o, being streamed everyday, and most of the time, on Wednesday they have big guests from that era. unfortunately it's all in italian, so it might be hard for you to understand it, however you can sometime hear gems, and unreleased tracks/edits from big artists. They recently had Paolo Sandrini, Danijay, Molinaro, Neja, sooooo many artists and more to come !