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August, 2009
Italodance set

So guys, this summer I'm going on holiday with a group of 9 friends and some of us are going to present a dj set. We start with Apres ski, then I come with - of course - Italodance/handsup and another friend ends with hardstyle/hardcore.

I have made a selection of songs that I think that will do good. It will take an hour. What do you guys think? Should you remove songs and what songs would you add? I really want to show the essention of Italodance!

In random order (well actually alphabethically)

Andy J - The Way Of Music
Andy Lopez - Noche Del Amor
Clubhunter feat Miani - l' Amour Toujours (DJ Hyo bootleg) / Gigi d'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours (mixup)
Danijay - I Fiori Di Lilla
Dj C.H.R.Y. - My Rhythm
DJ Ross - Dreamland
Eiffel 65 - Blue
Eiffel 65 - Cosá Restera
Exch Pop True - Discoteca
Fantomius Meets [email protected] - Battlecry
Fontes - The Sailor
Gabry Ponte - Time To Rock
Ic3m4nFeat Andy Lopez - Passion
Karisma - l'Intervallo
Kronos - Habemus Italiam
Lybra - A Better World
Maggie - One Way
Master Of Movement - I 7 Re Di Roma
Motel Synth George feat Katok - Maranza Fairytale
Prezioso Feat Marvin - Le louvre
Prezioso Feat Marvin - Rock The Discothek



Dj Aquacrash
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August, 2006

Good list, but i would say drop everything released after 2005. Wink


One song that comes to my mind: Dj Bum Bum - Believe ?

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February, 2008

...drop everything except Motel Synt George Wink


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September, 2006

I would probably exchange a few of them to more known italodance classics:

  • Gabry Ponte - Geordie
  • DJ Lhasa - Giulia (Gabry Ponte Remix)
  • Clubraiders - Move Your Hands Up (Provenzano and Promiseland Remix)
  • Vanni G - Flute
  • Floorfilla - Anthem #3
  • Danijay - Say Me
  • Gigi D'Agostino - Silence / La Passion / The Riddle / Il Folklorista (or some of his 500 other tracks)
  • DJ Maxwell - La Bambolina
  • Luca Noise - Vedo L'Amore
  • Hotel Saint George - Figli Delle Tenebre
  • Kronos - Magica Europa
  • Paps'N'Skar - Get It On
  • Molella - Discotek People
  • Stefy NRG - It's A Fable (Datura Deseo)
  • Disc Jockeyz - Little Queen (Domasi Remix) - of course a classic! Laughing out loud

..just to mention a few Smile

And don't listen to Aquacrash about 2005, he's been living under a rock for the past 15 years apparently there are so many great tracks also from recent times e.g. Bietto, Michele Dipalo, Magna Romagna, Gigi - and obviously from IDP Records too Laughing out loud


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