Leonardo D'Ambrosio - Together Forever

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June, 2006
Leonardo D'Ambrosio - Together Forever

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Leonardo D'Ambrosio - Together Forever

Leonardo D'Ambrosio is a young 22 year old italian guy that lives in Rome, Italy.

He studied to be a singer for some years and did a lot of gigs, especially with covers of Pop Music, which is the genre that he prefers above all.
Lately he has begun studiying to be an actor and is also working as a speaker on a local radio.

His first official release was together with Dance Rocker aka Stefano Folegatti who also happens to be Leonardo's cusin. They did a cover version of Take That's song "Reach Out".

Around christmas he released the first single with only his name. A cover version of Wham - "Last Christmas". This new single is Leonardo's first real inedit release, eventhough Stefano has helped by producing all the versions.
When you see the title you can't help to think of the song by Rick Astley, or in italo-world most people know it as DJ Lhasa - "Together Forever" (which is a remix of Rick Astleys). Eventhough the titles are the same the songs are very different.
The single contains 3 diferrent versions; a Dance Rocker Remix (which will be the one this review is based on) a Killer Tek Remix and a Pop Mix.
First time I heard Leonardo's voice (in "Reach Out") it reminded me of the voice you hear in a typical american high school punk rock band, but in this it is a bit different. It is a very happy catchy song, which you can easily get stuck in your head, and hymn all day.
The Dance Rocker remix has the typical Dance Rocker sound with alot of filter, a great flow matching the voice, especially in the chorus and he is one of the few today using pads, which I personally think should be in almost every track since it gives more fill and strength to the melody.

All in all it is a great italo release that is well produced and with one of the better vocals in italo of the moment.

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September, 2006

I completely agree with the review points, hope there will be more stuff from Leonardo in the future Smile


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