Ma.Bra. - Pumpin' Jumpin'

Ma.Bra. - Pumpin' Jumpin'

February 14th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The italian silver fox Maurizio Braccagni who is known for his mix of Italo and Hands Up, has become more and more active with productions and releases in the last year. Now he has a new one out in stores, and it's clear to hear where Maurizio found the inspiration for this tracks as he is a fitness instructor!

He is currently working on a rework of Lady Violet's most succesful single from 1999 called "Inside To Outside" together with the original singer Melody Castellari > DJ LHASA - Inside To Outside 2k19 (Ma.Bra. ItaloHandsUp Mix) ...check the preview below.

DJ Lhasa or Ma.Bra also mentioned in a comment that he has 5 more tracks ready soon, so be ready for more! 


1. Pumpin' Jumpin' (Edit Mix)

2. Pumpin' Jumpin' (Extended Mix)




Label:Mabra Records (Italy)
Release date:February 2nd, 2019

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