Board Rules - English

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April, 2006
Board Rules - English

§1 - No sharing of copyrighted material
Such as music, warez and other copyrighted material.
This is pretty obvious, we all know that there is not much money in the Italo Dance industry, sharing and distributing of artists productions does not help nor encourage them to go on with their producing.

IDP takes distance to this type of filesharing and all threads/posts containing this or links to such material will be deleted and the member in question will be warned.

§2 - Language
As IDP is a global community which target is members from all over the world, the main language on our forums is English.

§3 - No Advertising
Advertising not related to italo, italo news, italo lyrics, italo artists etc. is not allowed.
IDP is not a media for people to advertise for their products or websites, it's a media that brings information on italo related topics, therefore no advertising not related to italodance is allowed.

If you have any questions regarding the rules please drop a line in here and we will be sure to answer as soon as possible.