New Dance Project: The Dreamers

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May, 2006
New Dance Project: The Dreamers

[/br][/br]A new dance project is coming from "TopDj Dance Production Team",
especially by the DJ Macro Skarica, and will be in recordshops in the next days! The project is called "The Dreamers" and the song is entitled "Dancefloor" (on the b-side there is the track "I believe").

This is the tracklist of the cds:
1)Dancefloor (Marco Skarica Extended Mix)
2)Dancefloor (Marco Skarica Radio Edit)
3)I believe (Super Mario Extendd Mix)
4)I believe (Super Mario Radio Edit)

This single is exclusive on the new compilation "Dancing Day Vol.6"
The original version and the Power Mix of Dancefloor are available on online shops Danceria, Musicgel and Americandisco (Check out our Links Section).

If you want to listen to this track you can check out our Media Section, there you can download and listen to a small preview of this nice track! Thanks goes to Marco Marzi from for sending us this sample.

For more informations, please visit the following links: and


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