Different Class

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April, 2006
Different Class

Following the success of earlier productions, Respiri Digitali is proud to present the new “Different Class” project, with its debut pop single “I think of you”. The project is the result of the collaboration between Pierlorenzo Bassetti, DJ Producer a.k.a DJ Kriminal, and Simone Girasole, DJ from the Italian Radio station M2o. Simone Girasole mixes programmes such as M to Go, Tribe, Trance Evolution and Chemical Lab and creates jingles, backing tracks and promos for the radio station. He was born at the end of the ‘70s, and started working in radio at the tender age of 14. After various years in different radio stations, he arrived at m2o in its early days. Always a big supporter of European Dance and Trance, particularly Deutsch Style, his personal style is the result of mixing aggressive beats with dreamy melodies. This year (2007) he has teamed up with the Respiri Digitali label, founded by the well known roman entrepreneur Pierlorenzo Bassetti a.k.a Dj Kriminal, producer of numerous successful pop dance tracks. The outcome of their collaboration is the project ‘Different Class’ which includes, in addition to the two Djs, Mario Gentili, the experienced Roman musician, violinist and composer and singer/composer Deborah Baratelli, a.k.a. Dee Bee. After graduating from the Academy of Music (violin) in 1997, Mario Gentili started his career performing in classical youth orchestras in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Australia. In 2000 he started working at RAI, the Italian national television channel, playing in numerous prime time Saturday night TV shows, such as the acclaimed “Stasera Pago Io (“Tonight I’m Paying)” presented by Fiorello, and others starring Ron, Gianni Morandi and Giorgio Panariello. During the same year he joined the DIMI orchestra, accompanying Gino Paoli on his Italian tour “Per una Storia” (“A story”) (until 2001). The next year he left the DIMI orchestra and founded the Millenium Chamber Orchestra, a string formation which has performed at numerous prestigious events, such as the Rome Festival, the Umbrian Chamber Music Festival and collaborated with well known artists such as Luis Bacalov and Andrea Morricone. He also continued to collaborate with recording studios, playing the violin in orchestras for albums of artists such as Gino Paoli, Ornella Vanoni, Renzo Arbore, Ron, Marcella Bella, Eugenio Finardi, Roberto Angelini, Carmen Consoli and Jovanotti. Deborah Baratelli, aka Dee Bee was born in Rome, Italy in 1983 and is of Italian and English origin. Her singing talent became apparent at the tender age of 10 years old, when she joined a Vatican choir and became a child solo singer. Inspired by the voices and music of artists like Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill, she collaborated with the UK based Music to Picture Company (music for films and TV). She also participated in various famous Italian song contests (Naples Festival, Saint Vincent, Bologna Festival, Solomusicaitaliana) reaching the semi-finals and finals. At the same time she trained as a dancer and joined the Italian Dance Company - SHAPE – touring Italy for 8 years with them as a Hip Hop dancer. She also performed as the group’s opening singing act. In 2004 she met Simone Girasole, with whom she wrote various dance singles, released on the Italian and international market. In 2006 she became the voice of the animated “Holly Dolly” project, and the album reached the top of the charts in various European countries (France, Germany etc.) The “I think of you” videoclip is directed by Davide Farra and Alessio Scaglia, and the story will no doubt draw the audience into the emotions of its romantic plot. It took Pierlorenzo Bassetti only two years to expand the “Respiri Digitali” label and transform it into an artists ‘stable’, a creative laboratory that draws on the skills and contributions of both aspiring and well-known talents. Fashion, design, music, poetry, graphic art and photography are only some of the aspects focussed on by Respiri Digitali. A flourishing nursery of singers, models, stylists and creative artists housed in an ex-warehouse on the outskirts of Rome, outwardly a cross between a hangar and a factory. A true artistic factory, that revolves around Pierlorenzo’s eclecticism, creating a counter culture movement, carving a niche for freedom of expression and unbound creativity. This is how Pierlorenzo Bassetti explains this urge to experiment: “I am fostering a style of living, of thinking, an anomalous lifestyle which goes out of the box - something you can’t classify. I am producing something different in a world which is always flowing, always shifting.”

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