Need help !

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August, 2007
Need help !

Hello peeps !

Yes..shame on me I'm asking your help AGAIN Sad but i'm desperate.
i'm actually making a website for an almost secret italo-project Laughing out loud
but problem is, I don't know how to make the effect I want.. I just want a really really simple site. I'm sur what I want is pretty simple to do..but sadly, i've just wasted the last 3days trying to do what I want...Sad:(Sad

So, i'm asking here, are there HTML (yes it's html Laughing out loud) and CSS Coders here?
i'll explain them what to do.. I Don't want to explain my problem here since it's pretty secret Laughing out loud

See ya guyz, and thanks !

PS : didn't know where to I posted here.. Sorry if mystake is done Laughing out loud