Alex Snake - To Be Free(DJ Bum Bum Mix)

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May, 2008
Alex Snake - To Be Free(DJ Bum Bum Mix)

:srsconfused:Anyone who wants to give it a try...
The paragraphes in red are not sure...D'oh


i need your love i need your love
i need your love to be free

i can tell you it's over again
hold me sad i'm lonely this place
it's time to change change my way
no more i will make mistakes

people think it's dedicated
but for me it's not the same
this is the way i will do
if you love me and i'll love you

and to know if you really care
i have to take you my bitter heart
me and you together make
this in piece of the sweetest kiss

turn me upon time if you like
i'm ready to take my chance
another feeling heart in myself
what i feel is loneliness

and i know it's hard to find a look like you
you will be free with this love
and in my heart i try to realise

i need ... i need ...
i need your love


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December, 2006

Isn't there an italian version of this song too? Didn't know there was an english one Shock